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Many travel brands fail at content marketing because they do not have a clear plan or strategy.

Common mistakes include, creating content that is not focused on the target audience. There’s often a lack of on-page search engine optimisation. Many companies are also not reviewing their content marketing performance, using tools like Google Analytics.

It all starts with knowing who your audience is, and how you can help, inspire, share experiences. It’s time to become the authority in your niche.  By having no strategy or plan, you lack focus and waste hours and money on creating content that no one wants to consume.

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    Creating content on the wrong topics is a waste of your time and money. The goal is to create the type of content that your target audience is searching for.

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    When you have a strategy and plan in place, it’s time to start creating content. Create in a format that people enjoy consuming, and you enjoy creating.

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    Once you’ve created the content, the challenge is then getting it seen by your target audience. Spending time to learn how to optimise your content online is important.

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