About Tourism Hive

Tourism Hive focuses on helping travel and tourism businesses thrive online.

Founded by Darren Cronian in January 2020, the goal is to help businesses thrive through a content marketing strategy that is going to result in a larger audience and increased sales.

Darren and his team have over 10 years experience of building communities online by contenting engaging content, targeted to audiences within the travel and tourism industry.

Create content that sells

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What We Do

We know you want more visitors to your website that convert into customers and reduce the reliance on third-party platforms you have no control over.

Tourism Hive specialises in creating content marketing audits. We scrutinise your content and advise on best practices and recommended improvements.  We’ll also work with you to create a content marketing strategy that drives more engaged visitors to your website.

We work with a collection of travel writers who have written for the national media, travel magazines and websites.