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The audit highlights recommended improvements to the content on your website and suggests changes to your current strategy.

We’ll look at your business goals and target audience to suggest the type of content that you should be creating on your website. Suggest improvements to on-page optimisation and increase your search engine exposure. While we do not audit every single page, we provide an overview of the mistakes you’re making and offer solutions to improve the content on your website.

What We Will Audit

The goal of the audit is to identify areas of improvement within your strategy, creation and promotion of content. The audit will be delivered in a PDF, and include a walk-through call.


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How much does the audit cost?

Many travel brands fail at content marketing because they do not have a clear plan or strategy.

It all starts with knowing who your audience is, and how you can help, inspire, share experiences and become the authority in your niche. By having no strategy, you lack focus and waste time and money on creating content that no one is looking for.

The price starts from £95 for an overview audit of your content. This includes a call (usually lasts 30-60 minutes) to walk through the audit and answer any questions that you have.

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